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Garment Care

LilyPirates strongly advises all customers to follow these laundry instructions: 

  • Please remember to turn the item inside out before washing/ironing.

  • Where possible, please hand wash the apparels in water at room temperature. 

  • Please avoid using bleaching products and harsh detergents. This includes detergent with bleach components.

    Avoid pouring the detergent onto the fabric directly. Always ensure the detergent has been mixed into the water before adding the apparel. 

  • Do not tumble dry, especially for delicate materials such as lace or knitted wear. Apparels should be allowed to drip dry as much as possible.

  • For apparels with two or more colours, please refrain from soaking them in water. 

  • Please refrain from exerting friction on printed fabric (such as rubbing/scrubbing the fabric in a harsh manner). 

  • Do note that only low heat iron should be used on materials such as lace, chiffon, silk, polyester & viscose etc.